Apr 16th
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The Party Never Ends for LMFAO

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LMFAO has exploded over the past year and is currently headlining the Party Rock Tour. Skyblu and Redfoo, the afro-haired men that make up LMFAO, just finished up with their performance on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit and one thing is for certain: They are still drinking all day and playing all night.

SNMag: Since you guys are gearing up to kick off your Party Rock Tour with the first performance happening in Reno, have you been rehearsing a lot?
LMFAO: Yes, we have been rehearsing for the last two days alongside Lady Gaga and Rihanna who were at the same rehearsal.

SNMag: Nice. We imagine they have been a fun bunch.
LMFAO: Yeah, you know, if you can get past their bodyguards.

SNMag: It appears that you guys have a pretty unique style as far as your fashion goes, what exactly inspires your look?
LMFAO: I think the music inspires us. We try to dress like the music sounds.

SNMag: Is there anything you won’t wear?
LMFAO: We will not wear Ed Hardy.

SNMag: Your music seems to be a mix of electro, dance, and rap. How would you describe your sound?
LMFAO: Party. Rock…bitch.

SNMag: What was it like being on tour with the Black Eyed Peas in New Zealand and Australia?
LMFAO: It was great. You know, we’re party animals, they’re party animals. It works. It’s not often that, in the wild, you meet a party animal of your same species. Out of control.

SNMag: So what was it like transitioning from DJing to actually making your own music?
LMFAO: It’s a “ jump and hopefully the net will catch you” type of transition because you’re making money in one area, like DJing, and then when we started doing live shows we went down to making no money and you just have to take that risk.

SNMag: So you guys have a pretty large…
LMFAO: Yeah we do…we do… (Laughs)
SNMag: We were going to say you guys have a pretty large and diverse fan base, have you had any strange fan encounters?
LMFAO: Some stalkers. The girls get a little stalker-like. One time, there were these twin girls. They were like 5’3”, 205 lbs, and they were gangstas. I’m talking gangstas. This was in Modesto or Victorville. They were bangin’ on
people and trying to get us to sleep with them …they had too many bullet wounds for me.

SNMag: So this Party Rock Tour, it’s featuring Shwayze, Far East Movement and the Paradisco Girls. What’s that like?
LMFAO: I bet you I’m going to hit one of those [Paradisco Girls]. I was with one of them two days ago… Chelsea…and we were taking shots from the Goose bottle.

By Kara Buettner

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